Coming to Lund? Info on what to bring!

Should I bring more clothes? What about the food? What if my baggage is overweight? Those are the questions I had in mind around one year ago, when I was trying to make a list of everything that I wanted to bring to Lund. It seemed like I kept adding more stuff and that I never had packed enough. It is surely difficult, if not impossible, to “pack your life” into a 20kg baggage and 8kg cabin bag (note: depends on the airlines). Suddenly, everything becomes important and urgent thus having extra stuff always seemed like a good idea. If I may turn back time, I will still use my old notes as they were really helpful. I am happy to share this advice with you!

Me in front of the AF Building, Arrival Day 2017.

Before going into more details, I remember that I bought new suitcases, both baggage and cabin-size based on the airlines regulations. I am not saying that you have to buy something new, but just make sure that you check with the airline’s regulations (some airlines are very specific about the size of the bag). After that I gradually packed my stuff.

Yup, based on my experience, it is better to collect the stuff early and then pack those things into your bags gradually. I started by listing down all the stuffs under several categories. I separated them as Clothes, Foods, Stationary, Toiletries, Electronics, and Medicine. It may look like basic stuff that you prepare when you were travelling for holiday, and I can tell you that it is! Make it fun, no need to be stressed, just aim to bring something that you need for around one or two months.

Click the link below to find the list for packing:

infographic – packing time

You know yourself better so you may add or eliminate items from the list as you please, but keep in mind to bring along the things you would consider as your survival kit. Some people would prefer to pack instant foods while some think that clothes are more necessary. If you have heard before, in Sweden people are used to be lagom, or to be, do, and have something in moderate amount; not too much, not too little, lagom. You do not need to bring all your favourite jackets or buy all the snacks and instant ingredients from home because you think you cannot live without them. Here in Lund, you have several options to buy stuff. For clothes, there are plenty of stores nearby where you can buy new clothes and used ones. As for the foods, it is safe to say that the supermarkets here are quite complete, with several additional stores around the corner where you can find authentic sauces, ingredients, and vegetables.

When I arrived last year, the programme during Orientation Weeks helped me so much. This is when a group of international students assist newly admitted students, such as going to the local Ikea as one of the programs in the excursion days. If you have time, I recommend you to join the tour, or you can also go by yourself if you want. If you live in Lund, you’ll get there with just a half-hour trip by bus.

As the time of your departure day is approaching, do not forget to stay in touch with your loved ones as much as you can. I wish you a smooth packing experience!

We all look forward to meeting you at Lund University!

The famous icon of the University, the White Building.