Every ending is a new beginning

Hej, hej!

While you’re about to leave your lovely homes to study at Lund University, I’m currently enjoying what little remains of the summer season now. The weather has started to get (a little bit) colder. If you follow the local Swedish news, you would know that this year’s summer is said to be the warmest summer ever. The heatwave, as many sources mentioned, has resulted in the highest temperatures ever for the past 260 years in Sweden. However, I noticed that Lund has become a lot windier lately, with rains and less sunshine than before. Actually, setting aside the weather talk for now, I’m more concerned with something else that’s also nearly over, namely the academic break. Goodbye summer holiday, you will be missed by many! But, isn’t every ending a new beginning?

Bye summer holiday! Picture taken in Ystad

After summer break, sophomores may find it hard to go back to basic school life. When you’re too attached to breaks, school suddenly feels like the end of the world (or maybe it’s just me). You can feel like you will never be ready to begin your days with class, assignments, routines, or even being an intern in a company (some majors allow students to choose between internship, exchange studies, and elective course in the second year!). In contrast, newly-admitted students like you might feel differently. You’re about to start an adventure. Nothing can bring you down,  you’re so ready to be achievers!

But life isn’t all rainbows and butterflies, is it? One year ago, there was time when I felt so desperate even before starting school. Trust me, it was quite annoying when I had to deal with it last year, but it has become a wonderful story to talk about this time.

Since I come from outside Sweden and Europe, I had a housing guarantee from the University. Just like some of you, I also received a notification email from Lund University to start looking for student housing by filling out the form and listing out top five priorities. Anyway, unlike most majors that are located in Lund, my major, Strategic Communication is located in Campus Helsingborg. So, I planned to find student housing in Helsingborg because I think it would be more comfortable to live nearby the campus, while also saving time, energy and some expenses like transportation cost.

You cannot imagine how worried and surprised I was when I found out that they offered me housing accommodation in Lund instead of Helsingborg. I tried to contact the Lund Accommodation to explain my situation. I asked that if someone declined the offer in Helsingborg, would it be possible for me to replace them? They said that they didn’t have any room available at that moment. I even tried to look at private accommodation, but I got nothing.

Well, it seemed like the universe would like me to stay in Lund. I decided to take heart and planned to stay at Lund only for the first month, while slowly looking for a place in Helsingborg. The first days of school were not easy, as I had to take a long journey. Every day, I spent approximately two hours commuting back and forth from Lund to Helsingborg. I envied my friends who could walk or bike to school.

Surprisingly, in those first days I found out that around 70% of students in my class lived in Lund and Malmö! We always met each other at the train station, commuted together to campus, studied together in Lund, and suddenly long distance was not an issue for me anymore.

What I’m trying to say is that perhaps your new beginning is not as beautiful as you imagined, but it will get better eventually. For example, the accommodation might be too far, too close, too expensive, too small, or too big for you. Think one thing at a time, try to settle down in the first days, then you can always find a place to move later if you want to. You might feel miserable at the beginning, but who knows you’ll end up loving it?

On my first days, strolling around Helsingborg city and find this iconic city hall

This also applies for your first courses. It may be really hard in the beginning, but give it time, try harder, and find help (don’t hesitate to ask for advice from your teachers and friends!), then you will get better.

In front of Campus Helsingborg, Lund University

I hope you’ll enjoy all the upcoming ups-and-downs in your life at Lund University!