Lund in Autumn

For the Northern folks this might seem like every day life. But I just can’t get over how beautiful Lund looks in the Fall. Every day I stumble across new picturesque scenes created by the changing colors of the leaves. When I do, I need to stop and snap a picture.

By now I must have more than a hundred pictures of Autumn in Lund on my phone! Which is why I have decided to post some of them here. I hope you enjoy the colors as much as I do!

The Botanical Gardens in Lund

If you happen to be in Lund during the Fall, do not miss the Botanical Gardens! The different shades make for beautiful pictures. Maybe you can even arrange a photoshoot to spice up your Instagram profile!

Kungshuset in Lundagård

Kungshuset in Lundagård also looks beautiful with all the climbing plants around it! My favorite color is this dark pink you can see in the cover photo. 

The leaves on the ground are also very nice backgrounds for pics!

Another picture from Lundagård featuring Kunghuset and Lund’s Cathedral. Every angle has something different to offer!

The leaves change shades every day!

University Fountain and Palestra Auditorium

Playing with contrasts is fun! Even if you are an amateur photographer with a not-so-good camera phone like me!

And the best part is Fall is not over yet! So I will have the opportunity to take many more pics on the coming days! 

I hope you have enjoyed this small sample! 

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