Lund Yoga Community (LYC) – Update!

I want to update everyone on the progress from my last blog post about the Lund Yoga Community.

Lund is an amazing place to get involved. There are so many support systems in place to help create your own innovation. After almost 3 months of launching the LYC, I’ve been helped by the Academic SocietyIdeon Science Park, and the Lund University students.

Exciting Updates:

1. There are over 150 people in the Facebook community!

2. New people show up each week who come from all over the world – an awesome way to connect with other international students!

3. There have been over a dozen classes – every Sunday at 11:00.

4. We have officially moved inside – so now we can practice all year long!

5. The LYC received a 5000 SEK project grant from the Academic Society. The money goes to renting the indoor space and purchasing yoga mats for people to use.

Future Goals:

1. Grow the teaching community – I’d like to have a teaching schedule that not only allows students the opportunity to practice free yoga but give yoga instructors an opportunity to teach!

2. Grow the types of yoga classes. I’d love to introduce yin, meditation, Ashtanga, and many other types of yoga classes.

3. Partner with the Academic Society (AF) to become a cooperative company. If the LYC becomes a partner company with AF, then the LYC will be supported by the university. This will complete the process of helping the LYC remain here on campus long after I leave Lund (if I do).

The purpose of the Lund Yoga Community is to make yoga accessible to everyone. By making the community donation based, I create the intention for people to show up giving whatever they feel is appropriate.

My intention is to show you that Lund University and the people in Lund are incredibly helpful. I started with a passion to get involved in the Lund community. I am the type of person that has to do more than just school work. It’s really fulfilling to create something from nothing and to see it manifest into something useful to the public.

I posted some photos below to show you the progress!

Lund Yoga Community
Lund Yoga Community
Lund Yoga Community

By practicing gratitude, using your creativity, and learning from feedback – you have the power to accomplish what you set your mind to!

Thank you for reading! If you live in Lund and want to practice free yoga, send me a message on Facebook!


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  1. Drew, your 3-D submission; gratitude, creativity and feedback indisputably trump most obstructions to a dreamland! Get the inspiration thriving!

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