The Perks Of Living With A Swedish Family

Are you ready to live life to the fullest unconventionality?

Getting accommodation in Sweden, especially in the student cities Lund or Malmö is not a game. It´s a challenge.

Indeed there are a number of housing agencies you have might heard of, such as Blocket, LU Accommodation or AF Bostäder. However some students are just unlucky in the conventional housing competition. Remember that I am a European student, so I needed to find my own accommodation. Non-European students have guaranteed housing through Lund University’s housing guarantee.

That´s why I went in my desperation to a housing mingle hosted by BoPoolen at the beginning of arrival week, where I found the perfect housing opportunity at that time: A Swedish family.

And it turned out to be an exceptional experience which I can highly recommend any student arriving at Lund University – here´s why:

#1 Your first-hand credible source of Swedish lifestyle.

Ever wondered about the unique world of Swedes? Internally contemplating about life in this Nordic country of Sweden? Living with a Swedish family provides you all the information you need to survive your stay at Lund University and they dominate every available search engine about Swedish culture. Thanks to my host family, I managed to survive Christmas here in Sweden.

Not only they provided me their perspective on the hype around Swedish phenomena such as Valborg and Melodifestivalen, but also authentic recommendations for places, events and restaurants to go to in my ever available free time during academic period.

Why are Swedes voluntarily putting fires at sister April after they were so stressed out about their wildfires last summer? | © Jessica
#2 Prepare for an overload of Swedish fun.

It´s time to face the truth: Living with Swedes contains a lot of fun, contradicting the stereotype of their cold character. Trust me, I am confronted regularly with comments that immediately brighten your day. Credits to my Swedish host family who constantly supply me with moments of laughter.

Here is an excerpt  of a usual conversation in the life of living with a Swedish family:

Host Brother: Do you know ABBA?

Me: Yeah, I know them.

*Host Dad comes in*

Host Brother: Hey dad, we´re talking about famous Swedes!

Host Dad: Oh, you´re talking about me?


Or let me rephrase it: You are LIVING THE SYSTEM.

Not only will you witness authentic, first-hand Swedish culture to the fullest but also get the chance to participate in this cult and gain an insight of what it´s like to be a Swede. A Swedish host family gives you THE opportunity to learn about their deepest Swedish secrets of life.

This includes watching the much appraised event of Melodifestivalen (no wonder they are always outperforming other countries during Eurovision).

Literally living the vibes of Melodifestivalen. | © Jessica
#4 They have sufficient resources to invest in non-human housemates.

I mean just take a moment and look at these pictures.

His name is Ibsen. Named after world-famous Norwegian author Henrik Ibsen. | © Jessica
This is Gibson. He is smaller than Ibsen. | © Jessica
Meet Alfred. Ok, that guy belongs to my host grandparents far on the countryside. So don´t worry that you have to share a roof with a pony (or?) | © Jessica
#5 Your second family.

If you’re not too awful and extra in your own life style and behaviour, they will quickly embrace you as their new family member, invite you to occasional family trips, provide you social support and celebrate you in their own Swedish way. At the same time you will soon love and trust them as your extended family.


Choose wisely

Looking back at the last eight months, I learned that we are all just human beings with our own interests and sense of humour, regardless of one´s background.

Studying in Sweden brings a lot of new experiences, including immersing yourself in a new culture and refute stereotypes, apart from student life.

Living with a Swedish family is a way in doing this.