Spring Is (Finally) Here!

Excuse my silence, I’ve been enjoying the wonderful weather during the Easter holidays. But I’m back… ready to tell you a bit more about life in Lund.

As some of you might know, I am a summer child, born and raised in Mexico I have never experienced the changes in seasons quite as much as I have in Sweden. In the past I posted about how I survived the Swedish Winter (they say the first one is the real test) and now I will tell you about the wonder of Swedish Spring.

These flowers are the first sign Spring is coming!

If you follow Lund Univerity’s Instagram page you must have seen how much we enjoy the colors and flowers that spring brings. By now, my phone gallery is so full of flower pictures that my cloud memory has run out! Here are the best of them. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Some more early blossoms
These purple flowers form a beautiful carpet over Lundagård and make for wonderful postcard-like pictures. You can glimpse Lund’s Cathedral in the background
A side view of Universitetsbiblioteket and the flowers beside the pond
Look at all those colors!!
You can also enjoy Spring at beautiful Lomma beach!
Cherry blossoms are some of my favorites!!!
Check out how beautifully cherry blossoms decorate the Faculty of Social Sciences!
Check out the signature Magnolias!!
The Magnolias bloomed only recently!!
Tulip gardens are also gorgeous! This one is in Helsingborg!
Kärnan: the Caste Tower of Helsingborg
Beautiful apple blossoms in my little town

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! Make sure you check Lund Univerity’s Instagram for more!