The Spring is Your Reward

Winter is Coming

When I first moved here, they all warned me: “Winter is Coming”. And yes, I already knew, for about 7 seasons, I’ve been warned. (GOT joke). Lund started getting dark in October 2018. After the time change, the sunset went from 17:30 to 16:30 overnight. November 2018, the sunset was 16.00. By the winter solstice, December 21st, the sunset at 15:30! It wasn’t until February 2019 the sun started setting after 16:30. So, it was dark for 4 months!

Yes – winter was dark; however, it snowed! The snow made the winter a LITTLE bit better.


In March, I started seeing little purple flowers spring. My friends told me: “It’s here!” Spring came, and let me tell you: The Spring is Your Reward. Check out all these beautiful Spring pictures!

Spring is a season that you can FEEL. The seasons in Lund are so stark and contrast that when spring comes, it hits you like a breath of fresh air. During the Spring, all your five senses can be used to enhance your happiness. As I walked through the parks in Lund, I would lift my hand to touch the wind flow across my fingertips. I would open my eyes wide to take in all the beautiful shades of red, green, yellow, purple, pink, and orange. I would listen to the birds chirping in all the different octaves. I would smell the pollen and the various scented flowers. Spring is a season you can FEEL.

The summer solstice is almost here. The sunrise is at 4:30 and the sunset is at 21:45. The amount of daylight in the winter is now the same amount of darkness in the Spring/Summer. Throughout the night, the skies never get black. Instead, the skies turn dusk blue. It looks like a little piece of the moon is always out. I promise that after you endure the dark winter, The Spring is Your Reward!

Thanks for reading! 🙂
Drew Teller