Lund Yoga Community: Looking Back

If you follow me in any way, you would know that my biggest accomplishment is not the master’s degree I’m receiving but instead, the yoga business I started here in Lund. I’m not saying that my education in Lund was not valuable, in fact, it was incredible! However, my personal values are creativity, curiosity, and impact. Lund Yoga Community was the trifecta that allowed me to practice these values.

I Only Wanted To Teach

I set the intention to teach yoga. So I started a community that allowed people to practice yoga, without any obstacles. However, I had no idea at the time the amount of growth I would see. To recap: Lund Yoga Community serves one purpose – To make yoga accessible for everyone. LYC envisions a community full of diverse and curious individuals who all share a common intention to practice yoga.

People Started Showing Up

From September 2018 to May 2019 the following happened:

  1. The Facebook group grew to 200 people in less than 4 months
  2. An average of 10-15 people showed up every Sunday to practice yoga
  3. LYC became an official partner organization of Lund University
  4. Lund Yoga Community website reached the number 1 result on Google within 2 months
  5. LYC got an official logo
  6. The official Instagram account was created and grew to 200 followers in 2 months
  7. Expansion and growth secured for the future!

Now What?

As I am graduating in a couple weeks, I’ve taken so many steps to secure the future of Lund Yoga Community. The resources here at Lund University are amazing! So many people were willing to help you accomplish your goals. Three weeks ago, LYC now has classes on Wednesdays! We have a new yoga studio too! Additionally, I found a business partner who has helped me continue the mission of the LYC in the 2019 future!


I value the opportunity to express my creativity. LYC is literally one big explosion of my creativity. LYC is one of my most accomplishing ventures I’ve embarked on. Lund (and Lund University) is a place where if you set out to create something, you can accomplish your goals. I am incredibly grateful for the ability to witness the effect my creativity has on others.


My creativity would be nothing without my curiosity. I love being curious. I love learning how to figure out what works and what doesn’t work. I love seeing the joy on other people’s faces when I serve others. The Lund Yoga Community journey is one big constant curiosity game. As the community grew, I asked my students what they wanted and learned. My curiosity in my students led me to grow the LYC to where it is now.


The feedback that lets me know if I’m doing something right: Impact! Lund Yoga Community has been a journey of creativity backed by curiosity all in hopes to inspire and make a difference in other people’s lives. At the end of my Masters 2019, I can safely say the LYC is a success!

Check these out!

Thank you so much for reading! 🙂

To learn more or to follow the growth of LYC:
1) Instagram
2) Facebook
3) Website

-Drew Teller