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The Study at Lund Blog Ambassadors are current international students studying at Lund University – a world top 100 University. Follow their journey as they make their way through student life in Lund and share what it’s like to live and study at Lund University in Sweden.

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From: India

Studies: Master’s in Molecular Biology, Medical Biology

About me: I am a wanderer, explorer and writer who loves conversations. I love capturing moments through my eyes and lens and I love watching sunsets. I am a self-taught artist. I love food and yoga!

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From: Uganda

Studies: Master’s in Development Studies

About me: I have a passion for all things concerning socioeconomics and development. My long-term goal is to use my knowledge, skills and expertise to contribute to conversations aimed at improving people’s well-being (especially in the Global South) through sustainable development. I will share my personal and academic experiences of Sweden and the Swedish way of life from my perspective as an international student at Lund University.

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From: USA, California

Studies: Master’s in Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science (LUMES)

About me: My name is Halley, like Halle Berry, from California! Hard to put everything in a nutshell, but I love most things and absolutely love my life here in Sweden! The top 5 things I love about Lund are: the amazing student life, the amazing people, the amazing flowers, FIKA and the beautiful buildings. I can’t wait to share more of my Lund experiences with y’all!

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From: Indonesia

Studies: Master’s in Strategic Communication

About me: I love to walk around, take pictures and get lost in Lund’s pretty corners. I have been taking my Master’s for one year now and have been creating wonderful memories ever since. I really enjoy my student life with all the good times and bad times. Before I came here, I liked reading student blogs, as it was helpful and motivating at the same time. Therefore, I plan to share my experience with you all with everyday life stories of a student who is so far away from home. I hope you like it!

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From: USA, Georgia

Studies: Master’s in Service Management, Supply Chain Management

About me: You can usually find me anywhere at school where fresh coffee is being made. I love to travel and discover new cultures, which is the shortest story of how I ended up in Sweden. I can’t wait to share my last year of studying at Lund University with you! It’s going to be fun!

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From: Ghana

Studies: Master’s in Economics

About me: I am an energetic and self-motivated young man who is passionate about using economics as a tool for solving societal problems. Coming from Ghana, I understand what it means to be an international student in Lund; the expectations and the need to feel at home. Join me as I walk you through my experiences in Lund, Sweden and everything in between.

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From: South Korea

Studies: Master’s in Human Ecology – Culture, Power and Sustainability

About me: Hej, allihopa! I love food, people, coffee and books. I also like to take pictures to capture and remember the feelings and thoughts that I had at that moment. I am learning and growing up day by day. Happy to share my posts with you all!

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From: Syria

Studies: Master’s in Accounting and Finance

About me: I love strong coffee, chocolate and deep conversations! I am obsessed with experiencing new cultures and standup comedy shows. I look forward to giving you some unique and interesting insight about life in Lund from my perspective as a student.

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From: USA, California

Studies: Master’s in Management

About me: I practice curiosity whenever possible in the hope of deepening my sense of perspective. My passion is to create a space for others to find their purpose, and I encourage gratitude when seeking fulfilment. My intentions are to share, connect, and create inspiration. I enjoy teaching yoga, being spontaneous, and getting to know you over Fika!

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From: Mexico

Studies: Master’s in Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change Adaptation

About me: I am a book worm, internationalist, feminist, writer and dog lady (or should I say animal lady?). I enjoy long walks in nature, discovering new places and people, and cuddling with my dogs with a hot cup of coffee and a book in hand. I am starting studies at Lund this fall and I am very excited to share this adventure with you.

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From: Ghana

Studies: Master’s in Finance

About me: My name is Lois and I am 6,020 kilometers away from my home in Ghana, studying a Master’s in Finance here at Lund University. You will find me mostly talking about food and other interesting sightings around Lund including all the hilarious bloopers I have made so far. Join me!

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From: Colombia

StudiesMaster’s in Water Resources Engineering

About me: I am Diego, a positive, ambitious, and outgoing person who wants to learn and explore new things. I love nature and traveling,  knowing about other cultures, and sharing with others. I want to work and live internationally, with the goal of helping people around the globe.

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From: Austria

Studies: Master’s in Public Health

About Me: Hej, I´m Jessica! Coming from Austria to Sweden, my academic goal is to keep people around the globe healthy. Besides that, I´m  a Fika enthusiast without drinking coffee, an introvert who enjoys good company and a never-ending seeker of new experiences. I hope to show you how much I enjoy Sweden and Lund University through my eyes!

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